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The Kitchen Series

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Sugar Bowl and Lid

A white vitrified porcelain sugar bowl with a lid. The lid has a small hole for your teaspoon to stick through, so you can leave the spoon in the bowl if needed. These are popular with supplying in holiday apartments to stock the kitchens in the rooms. They are also suitable for any commercial use in restaurants, cafes, clubs or aged care facilities. They are dishwasher safe.

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Noodle Bowl Melamine White 200mm

A high quality, very durable Noodle Bowl perfect for restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, child care facilities, catering, airports, canteens, barbecues, poolside and any outdoor entertaining.

Ryner Melamine is designed for hospitality use, ideal for displays, is food safety approved and dishwasher safe.

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Cast Iron Skillet

Every kitchen needs at least one good piece of cast iron cookware. This quality piece of cooking equipment has a fantastic heat distribution and will add loads of flavour to your dish.

It is 26cm in diameter at the widest part with a pouring spout each side. Made as a one piece cast iron construction with  a handle which has a hole for hanging if needed.

It is made from 1 piece Cast Iron handle and all, so the entire pan can be placed in an oven or fire without risk of burning or damaging it.

This skillet does not need to be seasoned as it already has a coating to help prevent it from rusting, but it pays to keep a coating of any cooking oil up to it to keep it rust free and maintains its non-stick capabilities.

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Plastic Beer Glass – Polycarbonate – Certified 425mL

A certified 425mL Polycarbonate plastic Beer Glass which stack inside each other It is a 425mL certified measurement approved for pouring Beer from a tap the size of a standard schooner. Global Wombats Shatterproof Drinkware offers the ultimate in performance in the most demanding areas of the foodservice industry. Features of Shatterproof Drinkware Manufactured from Polycarbonate our drinkware is virtually unbreakable and is of a commercial grade quality. It can handle almost any situation that the foodservice and hospitality industries can dish out. Will not break, chip or craze – Polycarbonate drinkware is very durable and can withstand the roughest treatment. Dishwasher safe – Our shatterproof drinkware handles with ease the extreme conditions of a commercial dishwasher. Stain resistant & odour resistant – Prevents stains and odours forming on glass. Excellent insulation properties – Polycarbonate is an excellent insulator and is resistant to thermal shock. Our drinkware will keep cold drinks colder and hot drinks hotter for longer than a traditional glass. Savings in cost – Savings will be gained through the elimination of breakages and the ability of the product to go through a dishwasher thousands of times without chipping or cracking. Ideal uses and situations for Shatterproof Drinkware Global Wombat’s range of Shatterproof Drinkware is the definitive safety product for:
  • Around pools •  Outdoors & major events •  Functions & festivals •  Stadiums •  Bars •  Restaurants
When customer safety and peace of mind are high on your agenda try the Global Wombat range of Shatterproof Drinkware as the safer alternative  
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Aluminium Roast Pan – Medium / Large

Alumunium Baking, Roast Pan.
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